How to Get a Lower Interest Rate for Your Mortgage

How to Get a Lower Interest Rate for Your Mortgage If your budget is stretched to the breaking point, you’re not alone. Interest rates and home prices seem to rise constantly, leaving many homebuyers searching for ways to cut costs. To stretch your hard-earned funds, take steps to get a lower mortgage interest rate, which…

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Everything You Should Know About the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency

 Throughout the past tumultuous years in real estate, the team at GoPrime of West Asheville has been working within the community to find new ways to help area residents reach their dream of homeownership. One agency that we value in our community is the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency. As stated on the NCHFA website: …

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What is Mortgage Insurance and Do You Need It

What is Mortgage Insurance?

No April Fools: What is Mortgage Insurance and Do You Need It?    PMI. What is it and do you need it? PMI stands for Private Mortgage Insurance and the answer is “sometimes.” Before you get preapproved for a mortgage or make an offer on your next home, it may be helpful to better understand PMI and how…

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man counting money to save for down payment

Saving for Down Payment

While you can find a slew of homebuyer programs that allow you to put very little down payment on a new home — sometimes as low as a zero percent down payment — generally, it’s better to put down at least 20 percent in cash. A higher down payment equates to lower monthly mortgage payments…

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Gifts for down payment keys in red gift box

Gifts for Down Payment

What to do with gifts for down payment. Gift Funds and How to Verify Them Maybe you’re looking to buy a new home, but you’re hoping to get some help over the holidays from your family. You can definitely use these monetary gifts fore down payment of a new house. But you need to be aware…

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