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“What we do is so far more important than lending and buying houses. We are in the business of facilitating dreams and honoring the start of a new home.”

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Where I Started

Fueled by determination, I challenge myself to do better.

After graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a major in Social Anthropology, I began fundraising for my alma mater, eventually raising more than $2.4 million annually. At 24, I bought my first house – a transaction that changed my life. Determined to make the process easier for other homebuyers, I began my career at a big bank in California.

During this time, I was tapped to be a charter member on an executive advisory board, which began a lifelong desire to participate in community development and a focus on education. Throughout the recession, which started in 2007, I remained a part of the mortgage industry, further demonstrating my dedication, resilience, experience, and desire to make a difference.

I works hard to walk people through a complex, often scary, process. I engage in retail desk therapy, helping educate first-time home buyers and reassure those concerned about their financial future. And though it all, I continue to build skills and talents that will last long into the future.

Where I Am

A commitment to community

After spending more than 28 years in California, my family and I moved to Western North Carolina. With a desire to go out on my own in the mortgage industry, I opened branch of GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. in West Asheville, which has since grown to incorporate a fantastic team of local professionals.

My main focus is on building community, and I am on the board of several local organizations. I want to bring skills directly to the public by being a part of the Asheville community and working with amazing people all across the city.

It’s essential to me that my team and I are approachable. At GoPrime West Asheville, we provide assistance to home buyers who are often inundated with misinformation about the financial picture and mortgage options. In an automated culture reliant on digital communication, I feel that it’s time to put the human element back into these conversations.

The Asheville Mortgage Team at GoPrime Mortgage

Where I’m Going

Zachery Adam with GoPrime Mortgage

I love working in the mortgage industry because I gets to help people. My job also  allows me the flexibility to spend quality time with my kids now, and in the future.

With attention to the philosophy of work/life integration, I am committed to providing the best services to every person who walks through my doors. GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. is a business run on shared values and purpose. Our goal is to provide a holistic approach to each homebuyer’s experience.

Few business models in Asheville, or even nationwide, meet the criteria of synergy more effectively than GoPrime Mortgage. I have worked hard to build my business, and believe that increased effectiveness results when people work together towards a common goal. I’ve hired an incredible team to work with the people of Western North Carolina to buy the homes they want in the area they love.

“Working for an independent lender gives me the upper hand. What sets me apart is my commitment to close on time, every time.”

Full-Time Papa

My three children, two daughters and a son, are my top priority. I’m  happy to raise them in Asheville, North Carolina, a community-driven mountain town that treasures family values and provides an active outdoor adventure scene. I feel embraced by the entire Asheville community, including a network of amazing fathers and men who strive to be fantastic role models for their children.

Together, my kids and I enjoy hiking, biking, and all manner of outdoor activities in the mountains surrounding Asheville.

My goal this year, and something that will carry into the future, is to practice kindness, not only within the community but toward myself as well.

“I am most grateful for my three beautiful children. They teach me what it means to be a human being.”

Zachery Adam with GoPrime Mortgage

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Zachery Adam at GoPrime Mortgage made my first time home purchase as seamless and easy as possible. Not only is he very diligent and effective in his work, but he also genuinely cares about supporting you through the process of a home purchase. You can’t find such great service anywhere else! I highly recommend him and GoPrime as a whole.

Sharlette W.

I am a younger first-time home buyer and Zachery made the home mortgage process very easy and stress-free for me. I received a very competitive interest rate considering my age and younger credit history during a time of rising interest rates. Zach and Aaron were very communicative and helped me feel confident in the process. They are calm, trustworthy people you can trust to quickly answer any questions you will have. Overall, securing the mortgage and obtaining the appraisal was very easy, and I am very grateful for Zach’s help throughout the process. Since the home buying process was as stress-free as possible, I am sure I will be using GoPrime again in a few years if I want to purchase another home.


As first time home buyers, my wife and I were so thrilled to work with Zack and his team at GoPrime Mortgage. He was patient, thorough, and made it very easy for us to get through the process. I would not hesitate to recommend Zack & GoPrime Mortgage at all, especially if the thought of buying a house seems overwhelming. After putting in an offer just 30 days ago, we closed today—on time, and with no hassles. Many thanks Zack & co!

Kevin W.

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