LGBTQ Community

Asheville is an LGBTQ-friendly city

Asheville has long been a welcoming and inclusive city, and we want to do our part at GoPrime Mortgage to keep it that way.

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The history of the LGBTQ community in Asheville spans decades.

In our current social climate, we recognize that it’s more important than ever for our LGBTQ residents to have access to resources that provide safety and encourage their success in the Asheville area. Whether you’ve lived in Western North Carolina all your life or you’re just moving to our mountains, there are resources available to ensure your safety and happiness in Asheville.

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Resources for LGBTQ Community Members in Asheville

This list is only a handful of resources, but we want you to have all your questions answered when you’re choosing to move to the Asheville area. To learn about more resources and how to finance your home purchase in Western North Carolina, contact me today.

How to Find Your Neighborhood

This site catalogs information essential to the LGBTQ community in the Asheville area. You’ll find recommendations of great neighborhoods, a calendar of events, a list of resources, and more on the site. They also have a page dedicated to real estate to help home buyers choose a welcoming agency to help find your next home in the Asheville area.

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Blue Ridge Pride

Along with organizing the annual Pride Festival each year, Blue Ridge Pride works throughout the year to support and affirm our LGBTQ community.

The festival brings together all the people and organizations in the greater Asheville area that make the region a diverse and welcoming place. The website aggregates events from around the year that may interest the LGBTQ communities and allies.

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Campaign for Southern Equality

This Asheville-based organization works across the Southeast to promote full equality for the LGBTQ community. The fund helps to fight for equality across the board. There are also resources to report violence, discrimination, and harassment. This legal organization is essential for the southern LGBTQ community to fight inequality across the region.

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Founded in 2001, Asheville’s Tranzmission has been a leader in education, advocacy, and support for transgender and non-binary people throughout the region. Among the things they do in the community, they are also dedicated to ending trans homelessness in the Asheville area.

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