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Realtors, your life is about to get a lot easier.

Realtors need a dependable financial partner to ensure that every closing goes smoothly. That’s where GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. comes in.

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Your Trusted Financial Partner

GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. matches your clients to the most compatible mortgage loan product according to their situations.

Since we offer many products, your clients have a better chance of being approved for a loan.

Many real estate agents already recommend their clients to GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. instead of a bank. Those real estate professionals know that me and my team offer realtor services that banks can’t.

Find out why we should be your clients’ first stop in the home-hunting process! Call 828-348-1907 to get the facts about our 10 Advantages of Partnering.

What Our Partners Are Saying

Being a local REALTOR I have worked with a number of lenders professionally. When it came time to buy my personal home, Zack and the Go Prime team were my first choice. It is so important to have a good ally during the lending process, Zack was available through the whole process and alway ready to help. There is a reason they are my go to lenders!

Nick H.

I am a Realtor here in town and was witness to a buyer that had gone with a internet lender- The lender that this buyer choose assured them that the property that they chose, was a slam dunk- 4 weeks later when we were scheduled to close the lender dropped the ball- This is when Zack Adams grabbed it and brought it over the finish line. The buyers are in the house they wanted and my seller has moved to her forever home. Thank you Prime Mortgage / Zack Adams for making the second half of a strange deal-effortless and smooth. I am sure that the buyers are grateful and so is my seller.

Sona M.

When Zachery lived in CA, I had the pleasure of working with him on 20+ transactions over 3 years. Words that describe Zachery and the service he regularly delivered- partnership, professional, communicative, organized, transparent, and above all else integrity. Asheville NC is fortunate to have a Business Professional like Zach- you want him on your Team.

John F.

Building Relationships Based on Trust

GoPrime Offers You a Partnership


GoPrime Mortgage, Inc.’s loan officers provide realtor services that they appreciate. We do the legwork for you to get your clients preapproved or pre-approved to avoid surprises at the closing.

The Right Loan

We follow through with all the behind-the-scenes work to line up an appropriate loan. From your clients’ perspective everything happens seamlessly, making you look good and worthy of their loyalty. Build a relationship with me and my team, we have made it our mission to help people — like your clients — buy a home.

Earn Your Trust

We make it easy for you, and easy for your clients. Schedule a face-to-face meeting between your clients and me, or come in to introduce yourself. Learn what makes GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. and realtors best friends.

10 Advantages of Partnering with Us

1. Clear and concise email communication at each stage of the process
2. Experienced loan specialists on hand to answer your questions
3. Loan processors working in-house
4. Underwriting loans in-house
5. Easy-to-use mobile app for real-time updates
6. Local Western NC office
7. Extensive list of loan products
8. Independent mortgage lenders
9. Credit-only approvals
10. Close on time, every time

Learn About Our Mortage Lender Partnership

Get Your Clients Pre-Approved

The best time to get your clients preapproved or pre-approved is before they look at their first house.

Being preapproved is not the same as being pre-approved. Getting pre-approved involves a thorough process — it’s essentially the same as applying for the mortgage. Being preapproved is a more straightforward process that relies solely on your clients providing the financial information themselves.

While it’s smarter for your clients to be pre-approved, you’ll have less to worry about even if they are preapproved at GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. before they look at their first house.

These initial steps can determine how much credit a lender is willing to let them borrow.

These procedures are among the most requested realtor services that we offer.

More About Pre-Approval

Realtors Know that Customer Service Equals Good Communication

Realtors, unfortunately, have become accustomed to having to call or email to ask for updates on the loan in process. With GoPrime Mortgage, Inc., you’ll never have to do that.

Our loan officers communicate with you often, giving you updates as they happen. Just as the only reasonable settlement is a closed settlement, the only good surprise is a pleasant surprise. Let GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. provide only pleasant surprises.

While pre-approval speeds up the loan process, your mortgage loan officer keeps you in the loop every step of the way.

  • You can stay informed
  • You can keep your anxious client up-to-date
  • You can relax a bit more

We provide realtor services to help you maintain happy, satisfied clients, and happy, satisfied clients give more referrals. Talk to me and my team to learn the benefits of making GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. your preferred vendor.

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