Our Why ~ To Close on Time, Every Time!

We want to be more than your mortgage lender.

The company, like Branch Manager Zachery Adam, wants to become the go-to destination for people who have questions about real estate financing and the mortgage application process. Applying for a mortgage can be a frightening process at a bank. Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. aims to keep the process simple.

Our Mission

Provide holistic mortgage planning for every customer

Offer simple, strategic solutions for all homebuyers

Supply reliable services for real estate investors

Educate the public on the mortgage process

Keep the mortgage process simple for all customers

Inform real estate agents of the latest mortgage news

In short, Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. will provide complete, inclusive mortgage solutions that are educational, transparent, honest and sincere. No other bank or independent mortgage lender can beat the service and prices — the complete package — that we offer.

Our Why

To Close on Time ~ Every Time

Our Vision

Build long-term relationships

Our Vision

Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc is in business to:

  • Build long-term relationships with homeowners, businesses and community organizations
  • Start with the local community in West Asheville, Greater Asheville, Buncombe County, Western North Carolina, all of North Carolina, and expand outward
  • Create the Go-To Center for the real estate investment community in WNC

To achieve these objectives, Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc., Zachery Adam and Team vow to:

  • Become a force in the local and statewide mortgage lending industry
  • Build profitability by serving homebuyers and real estate investors
  • Develop a trusted brand name in the region, known for closing on time, every time
  • Deal honestly with every customer to ensure satisfaction

Sense of Purpose

With incredible integrity and love for the business we embrace our responsibility of dealing honestly with every client.

Our Values

Build a Positive Team

Do More with Less

Be Open-Minded to Others

Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication

Be Accountable

Always Commit to Education

Drive Change in the Industry

Create Awareness in the Community

Be Passionate, Determined and Humble

Our Values

Integrity and Love

It’s all about establishing and maintaining professional relationships in every community we serve. Markets may change, but opportunities always will appear. When they do, Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc will be there to help. That is our Why. Schedule a face-to-face meeting today!

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