North Carolina Homebuyer’s, call on the power of a national independent mortgage lender!

Residential construction is thriving in North Carolina, and existing home sales remain strong, fueling a strong market. Whether you already live in the state, want to move across the state or are planning to relocate to North Carolina, Zachery “Zack” Adam of Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville can help you get the mortgage you need to make your move happen.

Get your mortgage from Zachery Adam; it’s all he does.

Zack does not work alone. He is backed by the power of a nationwide firm in Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville, an independent lender that only issues mortgage loans. Operating in over 15 states coast to coast, Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. underwrites most of its mortgages, so it doesn’t have to rely on banks. Because it only deals with mortgages, it can offer North Carolina homebuyer’s a wider range of products.

Zachery Adam’s Expertise and Goals

With 12 years’ experience in the mortgage industry, Zack is well positioned to help you get the mortgage that’s right for you. He even worked at a big bank, but left because he felt he couldn’t serve homebuyers as well as he wanted, due to the limitations imposed by the bank’s structure. Prime Mortgage Lending attracted him because of its flexibility and range of loan products.

As the branch manager of Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville, Zack uses his experience and knowledge to help you. His primary goal is to “close on time, every time,” but he also wants his office to become a resource for homebuyers and Realtors. A resident of West Asheville, he is committed to helping North Carolina homebuyers get into their homes. Learn Zack’s mission and goals.

North Carolina Homebuyer’s Benefit

Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville issues mortgages throughout the state. The company serves first time homebuyer’s, second home buyers and real estate investors. Prime offers a wide variety of mortgage loans, from FHA and VA loans to jumbo and renovation loans. See the list of Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville loan products.

Zack builds relationships one client at a time. An attentive listener, he asks questions to better understand your unique situation. This way, he can match you to a mortgage that’s suited to your needs. This way, he can deliver the highest quality loan products to you.

Why West Asheville, North Carolina?

Zack set up his branch in the community where he lives. West Asheville is a residential success story. It’s recovered from a sketchy past, thanks in part to ambitious investment, both from North Carolina homebuyers and commercial entities. Today, it’s a vibrant, tight-knit community of local businesses and fervent inhabitants. It’s a community with a flourishing commercial district, a mix of old and new homes, and amenities like restaurants, clubs, cafés and grocery stores, all within walking distance.

West Asheville is the perfect setting for an independent mortgage lender. The community represents the economic strength of smart growth. The recovery didn’t happen overnight, but has gained momentum over time. Zack hopes to assist his neighbors, as well as homebuyers across the state, to build — and rebuild — their own communities.


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Find out what your mortgage options are from an expert in the field. Zack loves meeting North Carolina homebuyer’s face to face.


“Zachery Adam was extremely positive, helpful and thorough. Throughout the entire mortgage obtaining process, Zach was patient, and careful to explain the process. The continuous paperwork was extensive. The mortgage obtaining process has become a synthesis of your lifetime paperwork. However, under Zach’s watchful eye and continuous reassurance you do reach the and and get the results. There were some changes along the way about rates and terms. I would highly recommend Zach. He is honest with his information and careful to explain each requirement and change of terms so that you really understand the situation. Do yourself a favor and start with the best , which I consider Zach to be. We have applied for other mortgages with other companies as we have bought properties. He is a present trust and move forward with in your search.”

06/11/2015 - kapoor florence

Closed purchase loan. Asheville, NC

“The Prime Mortgage Lending team was such a pleasure to work with! Zack is very transparent, which made the process far less intimidating. Even better, he made the process fun! This team responds promptly and makes all information easy to digest. We would choose Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville every time and we have already recommended them/Zack to friends and family. Thank you!”

C Gardella


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