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North Carolina homebuyers are shopping. 

Residential construction is thriving in North Carolina, and existing home sales remain strong, fueling a solid market. So whether you already live in the state, want to move across the state, or are planning to relocate to North Carolina, Zachery Adam of GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. can help you get the mortgage you need to make your move happen.

Zachery Adam does not work alone.

He is backed by the power of a nationwide firm in GoPrime Mortgage, Inc., an independent lender that only issues mortgage loans. Operating since 2005 and in states coast to coast, GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. underwrites its mortgages, so it doesn’t have to rely on banks. In addition, because we only deal with mortgages, Zachery Adam can offer North Carolina homebuyer’s a broader range of products.

The best loan to fit your situation at GoPrime Mortgage

If you’re shopping for a house and mortgage today, you have more choices than ever before. Independent mortgage lenders like GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. provide a full range of loan products and competitive rates. The most effective independent mortgage lenders work with you to get the best loan to fit your situation. Learn more about your mortgage loan options; schedule a face-to-face consultation with Zachery Adam and Team with GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. today. There’s no obligation.

Getting approved for your first mortgage — or your fifth — is now more attainable than ever. That’s because you have more choices than ever before. The rise of independent mortgage lenders fills a growing need in every community in North Carolina.




I want to live in a rural area.

Affordable homebuyer programs

Affordable Homebuyer Programs

I am a first time home buyer.

Investment properties

Investment Property Purchases

I want to buy an investment property.

Second home

Second Home Purchases

I am buying a second home.

Renovation Loans

I am buying a house that needs repairs.

VA home loans

VA Loans

I am actively serving in the Miltary or a Veteran.

North Carolina Homebuyer’s Benefit

GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. issues mortgages throughout the state. The company serves first-time homebuyerssecond-home buyers, and real estate investors. GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. offers a wide variety of mortgage loans, from FHAUSDA, and VA loans to Jumbo and Renovation loans. See the list of our loan products.

Zachery and his Team build relationships one client at a time. An attentive listener, he asks questions to understand your unique situation better. This way, Zack can match you to a mortgage that’s suited to your needs. This way, he can deliver the highest quality loan products to you.

GoPrime Mortgage West Asheville

Why Us

Why West Asheville, North Carolina?

Zachery set up his branch in the community where he lives. West Asheville is a residential success story. It’s recovered from a sketchy past, thanks partly to ambitious investment, both from North Carolina homebuyers and commercial entities. Today, it’s a vibrant, tight-knit community of local businesses and fervent inhabitants. It’s a community with a flourishing commercial district, a mix of old and new homes, and amenities like restaurants, clubs, cafés, and grocery stores, all within walking distance.

West Asheville is the perfect setting for an independent mortgage lender. The community represents the economic strength of intellectual growth. The recovery didn’t happen overnight but has gained momentum over time. Zachery hopes to assist his neighbors, as well as homebuyers across the state, to build — and rebuild — their communities.

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862 Haywood Road Asheville, NC 28806


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Zachery Adam

Zachery Adam

Branch Manager, Loan Officer

"What we do is so far more important than lending and buying houses. We are in the business of facilitating dreams and honoring the start of a new home.” 

Daniel Priest

Daniel Priest

Loan Officer

"I enjoy working with clients new to the homebuying process. Remembering what it was like for my family, I will take my knowledge of the mortgage process and make it easier.” 

Teona Rodriguez

Teona Rodriguez


"“I wake up every morning with incredible appreciation. I love what I do.” ” 

Jordynn Webb

Jordynn Webb

Loan Officer Assistant

"My eventual goal is to become a loan officer. I love working within the community and being a part of the GoPrime Mortgage team.” 

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