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Get to know GoPrime Mortgage, Inc., and you’ll have an important ally when you’re ready to buy your first house, a second home, or investment purchase.

The rise of independent mortgage lenders fills a growing need in every community in North Carolina.

Independent mortgage lenders like GoPrime are smaller and more flexible than most banks. While we have to conform to the same laws and regulations as banks do, independent lenders often can provide mortgage loans that banks decline. Since you don’t have to pay more for this service, you win by getting another choice — and you can get into your new home at a competitive rate.

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Zack is awesome! He made getting our mortgage loan such a breeze and made us feel confident in our decision and comfortable throughout the whole process. Couldn’t be happier with how everything was handled and would definitely recommend him to any friend looking for a mortgage loan.

Mariko S.

Thanks to Zack Adam and his team at GoPrime Mortgage we had a painless refinance of our home in West Asheville. They guided us every step of the way making sure everything was lined up and submitted on time. Beyond grateful for their help. Highly recommend their services.

Nikki M.

Zack and his team are wonderful. They helped me find the best financing options that met all of my goals. They were always courteous and quick to respond to my emails and calls. They made the process of refinancing my home quick and painless. I highly recommend them.

Heather A.

We’re Better Than a Bank

GoPrime Offers You an Alternative

First, not all banks are difficult to work with, and sometimes a bank can provide you with the most appealing mortgage to suit your needs. Community banks in particular often do a good job of approving residential mortgages in their communities. But in general, banks have inherent disadvantages when it comes to residential mortgage loans, such as:

Unexplained Bank Fees

It can be challenging to figure out all the bank fees and discern whether they are all necessary. For example, you may see a loan origination fee, discount points, a lender credit, or a lender-paid compensation fee. Always ask for explanations.

Conservative Loan Plans

Banks have very conservative loan programs, so if your situation is a little bit unusual, the banks might not be willing to work with you.

Inexperienced Loan Officers

Banks are big businesses, and mortgages make up just one division in each institution. Unless you know the loan officers assigned to review your application, you don’t see the level of training and experience they bring to the table. Inexperienced loan officers can make mistakes inadvertently, but more importantly, they may not be able to find the right type of loan for you.

Excessive Paperwork

As you might expect, banks require reams of paperwork.

Take Advantage of Banks’ Reluctance

Ever since the “Crash of 2008,” banks have been reluctant to issue new mortgage loans, especially for first-time homebuyers. If you’ve been turned down for a mortgage or a refinance, you empathize with the painful confusion that follows. Fortunately, independent mortgage lenders have rushed in to fill the void.

How We Compete with Big Banks

A recent survey found that only 40% of the top wholesale lenders are banks. Here are several reasons to get your mortgage through an independent mortgage lender:

Independent mortgage lenders like GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. have entered the mainstream for a straightforward reason: lending is all we do.

We are a full-service mortgage lender and have the experience and talent to fit you with the right loan for you.

We don’t rely on banks to get loans approved; GoPrime underwrites in-house with trained and dedicated underwriters.

Our smaller size allows us to act quickly, handle various homebuyers’ situations, and close loans promptly (on average, in 30 days or less).

Independent lenders like GoPrime are stable businesses with solid financial footing. We have the resources to handle the most challenging mortgage applications.

We maintain control over your application from the beginning to the end – you will work directly with me. That means I’ll keep you informed of the loan process every step of the way.

The loan to fit your situation is available at GoPrime Mortgage

If you’re shopping for a house and mortgage today, you have more choices than ever before. Independent mortgage lenders like GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. provide a full range of loan products and competitive rates. The most effective independent mortgage lenders work with you to get the best loan to fit your situation.

Learn more about your mortgage loan options; schedule a face-to-face consultation with me today. There’s no obligation.

Which type of loan is right for you?

I’m a first time home buyer.

I want to live in a rural area.

I want to buy an investment property.

I’m buying a second home.

I’m buying a house that needs repairs.

I’m serving in the military or a Veteran.

A “GoPrime” Example of Customer Service

I know the value of good customer service.

With over 15 years of experience in mortgage banking under my belt, I left my job at a big bank because I couldn’t service my clients to my satisfaction.

I spend time with you to learn what you need, what you’re looking for, and what makes you happy. My goal is to educate, guide, and assist you through the mortgage loan process — from pre-qualifying a first-time homebuyer to closing on your dream vacation home in the mountains.

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