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Written by Zachery Adam

January 21, 2019

Relocation Resource List: Asheville and Western North Carolina 

Did you make a resolution to change your life this year? Is a move to the Asheville area, whether permanent or as a vacation getaway, on your bucket list for 2019? If you are considering a move to Western North Carolina, it’s helpful to gather all of the important information in one place before you begin your search. Here are some resources that can help you plan your move to Asheville this year.  

 Expected Inventory of Homes 

While the data for 2019 isn’t officially out, Asheville continues to be a highly competitive market for new homes. Asheville has been consistently less than 6 months all year for homes under $600,000, so the trend is expected to continue.  

This means it’s a seller’s market, so those looking to by a home need to be diligent, proactive and ready to buy. We encourage everyone to meet with a mortgage company to make sure everything is in place when you find that perfect home.  

 How to Finance Your Home Purchase 

As with any homebuying service there are always many choices when it comes to finance options. We encourage you to speak with a local lender, like GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. . As an independent agent, we can review all of the possible options and find the best finance solution for your future.  

Talk to us before you start your relocation, find a realtor or schedule any showings so you don’t have any surprises happen in the middle of the process.  

 Buying a Second Home 

We understand that Asheville is a popular spot for people to buy a second home or a retirement home. Our mountains are irresistible, and that’s a good thing. If you’re looking for a second home, you may have special needs when it comes to financing or seeing properties in the area.  

For a vacation home, you may need additional resources such as the number for rental income potential, contacts for property management companies, and the navigation of HOA rules for vacation rentals. We encourage you to view these tips for buying a second home 

 Finding a Job in Asheville 

If you’re looking to move to Asheville on a permanent basis, you may be concerned about the local job market. We won’t sugar coat it, finding a job after relocation in our area is difficult. That’s not to say there aren’t jobs, but there are fewer corporate jobs than you would find in a larger market. Our area’s primary industries are hospitality and medical.  

Asheville does tend to be an economy where people are able to make their own jobs. If you want to start a business or work freelance, living and working in Asheville is also a viable solution.  

To learn more about jobs in Asheville, we recommend you check out the city’s Chamber of Commerce website here 


Of course, the draw to the mountains in Asheville is the recreation opportunities we have here. From Hiking to Yoga, there is something for everyone. It would be difficult to list all of the possible choices, but here are just a few to get you started.  

Of course, recreation in Asheville doesn’t have to be outdoors or in nature, though that is certainly a big part of it. But there are other options for beer loversart loversas well as artists and performers 

 Volunteering Opportunities 

At GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. ., one of our core values is giving back to our community. We believe that a healthy and vibrant city should engage with others around them. As with recreation, it would be impossible for us to list all of the things available for new Asheville residents.  

The good news is we don’t have to. Our area’s weekly newspaper, Mountain Xpress, created a near-comprehensive list 


For new residents with young children, you may also have questions about the schools and opportunities for youth in the area. Not only do we have a number of public, charter, and private schools but there is also high school designed for STEM focused education 

Reviewing the districts on Great Schools is one way to start the process of deciding which area to focus your home buying search. Your realtor and lender may also have some personal insights that can help you with the choices.  


Of course, we can’t forget our furry, and not so furry, friends. You don’t have to go far to find out that Asheville is a pet-lovers paradise. Dogs will be at breweries, and cats have their own community online that’s grown to include charity and cat-related activism.  

But alongside Asheville Cat Weirdos, there are other resources for pets in the area. If you want to adopt a cat or dog, Asheville Humane Society or Brother Wolf are both valued members of the community. And don’t forget to check out the vets in the area.  

 Real Estate Professionals 

If you’re looking for an agent to help you buy, we recommend you get started with your financial picture. Contact GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. . to schedule a time to talk with us. We can help connect you to great agents in the area once you know how to budget for your future.  

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