10 Ways We Want to Show Our Gratitude This Thanksgiving

One of our core values at GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. . is gratitude. We believe the adage that says “it isn’t happy people who are thankful, it’s thankful people who are happy.” While this is the time of year where gratitude is at the top of everyone’s mind, we believe that it should be a year-round mission. But, we can use the Thanksgiving holiday season as a way to publicly show our gratitude to one another and the greater Asheville community.

Here are 10 ways we want to walk our talk this year.

  1. Give back: Getting involved in the community in whatever way makes sense is critical to showing gratitude. It demonstrates that we are part of the Asheville area and want to be involved to leave it better than we found it. One of the ways we do this is by being involved with the REACH Fund and Homeward Bound. Its mission to end homelessness in the greater Asheville area.
  2. Help others: It is also part of our mission to help others in our community on an individual scale. This we can do by providing holistic service to everyone who walks through our doors. By helping people in our community buy the homes they love, we are building a better tomorrow for the entire city.
  3. Stress free: This is sometimes easier said than done, but we believe that this season is one where we can just say no to the craziness. So often we rush around trying to win the holiday season by buying the best things and being everywhere at once. Instead, we’re making a commitment to slow down this season and pay attention to what’s really important.
  4. Love well: And what’s really important to us are our friends and family. We want to take time to show our loved ones that we care. This doesn’t have to be with expensive presents or intense experiences. Sometimes just being present for one another is all anyone needs to understand they’re loved.
  5. Celebrate: Even with a slower pace to the holidays, there is nothing wrong with celebrating the season in whatever way is traditional for you and your family. Cultures all over the world recognized this time, the longest night of the year, as a way we can reconnect with one another over joyful celebration. Whatever traditions you have, hold them close in your heart this season.
  6. Plan ahead: There will be some necessary housekeeping that will keep us busy through the end of the year. We will be looking at new products and services that will enhance our business and improve the lives of people all around the Western North Carolina region. We will also look at the ways we can give back and improve our civic commitment in 2019. We encourage anyone wanting to buy a home to take a closer look at their own finances and make sure everything is in order to ensure the process is as easy as possible.
  7. Get involved: How is this different than giving back? We believe that it’s important for community members to get involved in whatever way possible. Do you think there are improvements that could be made to your neighborhood? Or do you think there are a few too many hotels downtown? Talk with local government and let your voice be heard. We are certainly lending our voices to the city-wide conversation.
  8. Educate: One of our stated core values is “Always commit to education.” We believe that the more informed people are to their options and opportunities, the better decisions they can make. Ultimately, this is good for everyone, not just our bottom line. We’re here to help, and you can count on us for that.
  9. Support dreams: We commit that in 2019 we will do our very best to ensure that everyone who is looking for a home in the Asheville area will receive the resources they need to achieve their dreams. We hope we’re the right resource for everyone, but we also understand that there is value in pointing people in other directions if it makes more sense. We will be here in whatever capacity is right for our community.
  10. Be present: Finally, we want Asheville to know we’re here. We’re part of the community and dedicated to sharing our gratitude for the area and the people in it. We will be present and available when needed and will hope that our commitment to the area is as valued as we value the people here.

As you reflect on this holiday and celebrate with your friends and family on Thanksgiving and throughout the winter season, think about the ways you can give back to the community on a small or large scale. How can you get involved in the neighborhood you love? How can you reduce your stress all December long? And if you need any help with financial decisions for buying a home in 2018, don’t hesitate to contact the team at GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. .

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