Health Goals for 2019

Written by Zachery Adam

January 29, 2019

Health Goals for 2019: Take Another Look At Your Resolutions

January is winding down. The shine on the New Year has all but faded. We’re about to flip the calendar to February and the promises we made to ourselves at the stroke of Midnight on January 1st are already forgotten. Don’t give up hope. If you made a resolution to get healthier this year, it’s not too late. You don’t have to abandon it and go back to carbs or binge watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. What can you do now that the month is almost over to recommit to a healthy lifestyle right here in Asheville?

 Eat Local

Asheville has been known as a beacon of healthy living for a long time. That is evidenced in the original local grocery stores, Earth Fare and Greenlife (the latter now owned by Whole Foods). And while you can certainly find decadent foodie options throughout the city, there are also restaurants that cater to every kind of healthy food choice.

If you avoid gluten for instance, you don’t have to limit yourself in Asheville. Posana downtown features an all gluten-free menu. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, there are a few places offering exclusive menus, including the Downtown vegetarian institution, Laughing Seed, and the all-vegan Plant on Merrimon in North Asheville. And those are just the tip of the healthy eating iceberg in town.

 Get Active

Of course, exercise is also a key factor in staying fit and healthy. Simply going for a walk through any of our historic neighborhoods can get you out and moving. If you want something more natural, there are hiking trails throughout Buncombe, Madison, Henderson, and throughout all the counties in Western North Carolina.

And we’re not going to pretend like there’s a shortage of yoga studios. You’ll find one on practically every corner. And while that could be the butt of a joke for some people, the community of Asheville is proud to be that city because it makes the practice more accessible to all.

 Live Sustainably

While food and exercise are the cornerstones of healthy living, in Asheville we also try to take the environment into account. With a healthy environment, we can be healthier people. At Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. we encourage everyone to pitch in to create a sustainable lifestyle, which can start as small as participating in recycling programs.

Sustainable living can also mean gardening in your own yard. Or even raising chickens, which is popular throughout the city where it’s allowed. You can also reduce your carbon footprint by conserving energy in your home.

 Mental Health

Please don’t neglect your mental healthy when it comes to your resolution to be healthier in 2019. We’re grateful that mental health is being talked about a lot more today, and we encourage everyone in our community to create a culture of positive mental wellbeing.

There are resources in the Asheville area including RHA Behavioral Health Services and All Souls Counseling Center. There are a number of private counselors in the Asheville area who are there to talk with if you need someone to listen. And don’t forget the value of community when it comes to building your emotional reserves.

 Community Involvement

Speaking of community, we also believe that health is about more than the individual. Building a healthier Asheville also means having a healthier community. And there are positive health benefits you can get from giving back. Yes, that’s right. Volunteering is good for you mentally and physically.

Keep in mind that you can’t do everything, so choose a cause or two that resonates with you. If you love animals, volunteer with a local rescue group. If you want to make the community better for those experiencing homelessness, you can become active in organizations like Homeward Bound WNC. Whatever you do, get involved.

Even just living in a community that values healthy living can help you live up to your own ideals. Finding a home in Asheville starts with talking to a lender about your financial options, so call us today.

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