Outdoor Space in Asheville

Written by Zachery Adam

April 8, 2019

Building and Using Outdoor Space in Asheville  

While March heralds the beginning of spring in the Southwinter weather can sneak in for a last hurrah any time before April. Now that we’re into the fourth month of the year, we are all itchy to be outside for much longer periods of time again. There are plenty of natural outdoor space in Asheville such as parks and trails, but can you stay closer to home? Building and using outdoor space in Asheville is a great investment for your home and your sense of tranquility.  

Get Outside 

Though we’re all hopeful that the January, February and March showers are long gone, April is known for a little rain. But even if it’s a little soggy, spring is the perfect time to get out side and feel the sun on your face.  

We’ve had a long, wet winter so take time this spring to literally smell the flowers. As April gives way to May, we’ll be heading in to the long hot days of summer, so take advantage of the weather now.  

Building a Shed or Deck 

Outdoor space can do a lot for your home as well as your mood. Even if you don’t plan to move any time soon, building a shed or deck can add value to your house and improve your options for resale in the future.  

At the same time, an investment in these spaces will give you the feeling of peace and outdoor space you need. A shed will allow you to store all of your outdoor tools and accessories, including anything you use for recreation. A deck can give you a space to spend time with your family, friends or neighbors.  

Keep in mind that building these structures may require permitting depending on the size and scope of the project. Reach out to the city of Asheville or the surrounding counties to ensure that your project is approved.  

Planting a Garden 

Getting in touch with the earth by planting a garden is another way to add to your home and increase your personal enjoyment.  

In Asheville, a lot of community members plant edible gardens to get their hands dirty and enjoy the harvest. The time to start planting varies based on what you want to grow. April is a great month to plant a lot of vegetables in our region because it’s just past the last frost. They include:  

  • Beans 
  • Beets 
  • Cabbage  
  • Carrots 
  • Corn 
  • Cucumbers 
  • Herbs 
  • Lettuce 
  • Melons 
  • Onions 
  • Peppers 

And, if you haven’t planted your tomatoes yet, this may be your last chance for the year.  

You can plant any of these vegetables in raised gardens or garden beds in your yard depending on how much sun and water you can access 

Resale Value 

It’s hard to determine the exact value of these structures, but homebuyers know that a home with a shed or deck will get more attention than those without. Many homebuyers in Asheville also love homes with existing garden areas so they don’t have to do the work themselves.  

To learn more about outdoor spaces and how they can increase your resale value, giving you more money to buy your next home, this article has some great information. 

If you want to know more contact Zachery Adam at Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. today. 


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