Gratitude Across Generations: How Attitude Affects Home Buying

Thanksgiving Day was celebrated this year on November 23rd. Always falling on the fourth Thursday of November, this national holiday is a time where families and friends all over the nation come together to celebrate abundance and gratitude. There are as many different Thanksgiving traditions as there are households that celebrate it.

But gratitude shouldn’t be reserved for one day in the fall. Celebrating our abundance can be something we put into practice every day. So we thought we would take a look at gratitude across the generations and how the attitude of thankfulness can positively impact the home buying process.

The role of gratitude in our daily lives.

Gratitude affects every aspect of our lives. Whether we’re thanking someone for the work they do or being thanked for helping someone out, we thrive on this small but significant action.

Gratitude in your daily lives affect your emotional wellbeing making you more relaxed and resilient. It can affect your personality giving you a more positive outlook on things. It can make your more social and give you the confidence you need to meet new people and be kinder to strangers. It can even positively affect your health, reducing your stress and even improving your sleep. And, of course, gratitude can help you in your career.

All of those things combined can give you more confidence to pursue your next goal of owning your own home.

But every generation approaches gratitude differently, and that affects how you interact with others in your daily lives, including when you buy a new home. Let’s take a closer look at gratitude across the generations.

Gratitude and Baby Boomers

Every generation has both positive and negative stereotypes. And Baby Boomers started out in the age where peace and love were at the forefront of American culture. But over the years, they have evolved and become the current generation’s symbol of stubborn traditionalism.

But Boomers have a lot to offer. And daily gratitude is one of the ways older adults can bring positivity into the home buying experience. Whether the boomer is the realtor or home buyer, being grateful throughout the process will create a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Gratitude and Generation X

GenX is a generation that often goes unheard. This relatively small group, now in their 40s, were the latchkey kids of the 80s and 90s. They were raised to be independent individuals and that gave them the reputation of being slackers.

But being ignored didn’t actually cause this generation to be unmotivated. In fact, many GenXers are entrepreneurial types simply because they couldn’t find a way to blend in with the status quo. Gratitude is harder for them, but it isn’t impossible. It can be helpful for professionals to encourage a positive attitude with GenX home buyers.

Gratitude and Millennials

On the younger end of the generational spectrum are the Millennials, a large group now outnumbering boomers in the workplace. And, while the oldest of the Millennials are just now turning 38, they have a lot to overcome with a reputation of entitlement, which seems the antithesis of gratitude.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the younger generation is better able to succeed if they embrace gratitude in their daily lives. It may be more work, and it may not be as expected, but it’s out there. Once again, it’s helpful to acknowledge that not all Millennials are spoiled or entitled and encourage a positive, thankful attitude.

Gratitude in the future.

For people within the real estate and mortgage industry, it’s essential to better understand how to work with your clients in each of the generations. Working to find a home for a Baby Boomer will be quite different than finding one for a Millennial home buyer. And the way they show their gratitude may be different as well.

But as we enter the holiday season, remember that gratitude positively affects everyone around you in every day. Be more thankful, not just today, but every day. The team at GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. . would like to wish you and your family across the generations a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day. We are grateful for you.

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