Company Culture: Is GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. . Right for You?

How Much Should Company Culture Affect Your Choice of Lenders

Company culture has been a big buzz in corporations and small businesses over the last few years. Up there with work/life integration, many organizations are reviewing their company culture to ensure that their workplace is a good representation of their core values and a desirable place for others to work. GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. . is also aware of this trend, which is why creating a positive workplace culture is important for us and our team. But how much does company culture affect the choices made by consumers? The answer may surprise you.

When you’re looking to work with a lender, consider these aspects of their company culture.

Communication Skills

How does the lending office communicate? And is it in line with how you prefer to communicate? It may be possible that they’re willing to tailor their communication strategy to work with each individual client. However, if you find that their methods are completely out of line with your personal preference, you won’t get the service you prefer.

So how do you evaluate this? The best way is to simply ask. It is perfectly okay to talk to your lender about how they prefer to communicate with clients. During the same conversation, express your preferences to determine if they are similar enough to make this professional relationship work.


No lending office is an island. There will be multiple roles, all of whom may be involved in your transaction one way or other. So how do these individuals work together? You want to look for an environment where everyone seems to genuinely enjoy what they’re doing and where there is no perceptible animosity toward anyone else in the office.

A strong team will provide stronger services. They can work together to ensure that your needs are being met. And that if you need to speak with another person within the business, you won’t feel like you’re receiving completely different advice or information.

General Likability

Of course, to effectively work with a service provider of any type, it’s important that you like them. Not just like the services they provide, but genuinely like them as individuals. It’s okay to know that some personality types simply don’t get along, but you don’t have to work with someone who isn’t a fit for you. But what happens if you simply don’t like the person you’re working with.

Since you are the consumer, it is perfectly find for you to seek out the proverbial second opinion. Don’t stick with a lender who makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason. There are plenty of options in any community, so look for lenders who offer a broad range of services and schedule a time just to talk.

Building Trust

Ultimately, the most important detail when working with a mortgage lender is trust. You need to trust that they are doing the best job for you and have your best interest in mind. This can be obvious when a company displays a positive company culture, and one that matches your personal values.

Once you have trust in a service provider, you can begin to build loyalty. That is the ultimate goal of any mortgage lending organization: to create customer satisfaction that brings loyalty. They want to be your service provider and a lender you would be comfortable recommending to someone else.

The company culture here at GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. , is community and teamwork oriented. We match the values of the West Asheville neighborhoods and do our best to provide the best services to every client who walks through our doors. Contact us today to learn more.

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