Food – 10 of Our Favorite Places to Eat in Asheville

Written by Zachery Adam

July 25, 2019

10 of Our Favorite (Mostly) Healthy Places to Eat in Asheville 

Summertime is in full swing and you’re probably thinking about the ways you can eat healthy. Whether you’ve been in Asheville all your life or you’re just exploring for a possible move, you may not have experienced all the amazing food our city has to offer. Here are 10 of our favorite mostly healthy places to eat.  


Decadent and healthy don’t often go together, but at Posana you may be able to get the best of both worlds. Why? This fine dining restaurant is 100% gluten free. If you have a wheat allergy, Celiac’s Disease, or just want to avoid grains, check out Posana. They even have a delectable dessert menu for the perfect sweet treat at the end of your meal.  

Laughing Seed 

For vegetarians, Laughing Seed has been an institution in Ashville since long before our most recent tourist boom. The menu appeals to meat eaters, too, so don’t be afraid to bring your friends or family. The entrance is located off Wall Street or you can climb the stairs from Jack of The Wood, another long-term staple of the downtown scene, off Patton 

Chai Pani 

If you want amazing Indian street food in comfort, check out Chai Pani, located in the Flatiron building. Chai Pani also has a long history in the city and has been voted one of the best restaurants for many years. Owner Meherwan Irani has also been the recipient of several James Beard awards and the restaurant has received national praise.  

Green Sage 

With four locations around the Asheville area, Green Sage is a great spot for a quick bite. Healthy, organic, and sustainable breakfast and lunch choices are their mission.  From breakfast sandwiches to lunchtime bowls and salads, it’s worth checking out.  

Baba Nahm 

If you love middle eastern food and want a simple grab-and-go option, the Grove Arcade is home to Baba Nahm. The food is fast and fresh and you can eat in or take it home. There are also pre-packed food options that can make a quick and easy lunch if you’re downtown.  

Dobra Tea 

This tea room with two locations, one downtown and one in west Asheville, nourishes both the mind and body. Any kind of hot or iced tea you want, they can provide. The rich environment calms and relaxes. And each location offers a different menu of light bites. You can also sign up for tea classes.  


Katie Button is one of the most well-known Asheville chefs. She’s received accolades from all over, including James Beard Awards. Curate is a Spanish tapas restaurant that allows guests to pick and choose small plates to share or keep just for themselves. Their Iberian ham may not be strictly healthy, but we don’t have to tell anyone.  


On Merrimon in North Asheville or off Amboy Road in West Asheville, you may want to stop into Homegrown. It can get busy, but when you see a line like that you know the food will be great. Serving down-home comfort foods and favorites, you can have a hearty but healthy meal 


Did you think vegan food couldn’t be fine dining? Every single ingredient at Plant is selected to put together a complete vegan menu that will delight the taste buds. They make everything from scratch and 90% of their menu is organic and even mostly gluten free.  

9 Mile 

We would be remiss if we didn’t include this Asheville favorite. With two locations, one in West Asheville and the other in Montford, this fresh Caribbean cuisine restaurant is as popular as it is delicious. The Montford location recently renovated their space offering more room for foodies at the bar and in the dinning room.  

What are your favorite Asheville restaurants for healthier, or mostly healthy, fare? Let the team at GoPrime know your hidden gems and family favorites.  


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