A Day in the Life of GoPrime of West Asheville as we Stay Home and Stay Safe

Written by Zachery Adam

April 14, 2020

A Day in the Life of GoPrime of West Asheville as we Stay Home and Stay Safe

A Day in the Life of GoPrime of West Asheville as we Stay Home and Stay Safe

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of GoPrime of West Asheville looks like? Well, just like your days, ours are very different right now than they were even a month ago. There are a lot of moving parts in the mortgage industry. With service and education at the top of our list of values, we will spend our entire workday, and beyond, ensuring that everyone has the best possible experience. We’re still doing that today, just from a safe distance.

What goes into an average day as we adjust to our new working situation? While every day is very different, here’s a snapshot of a current “day in the life” at GoPrime.

Team Calls

We believe that good communication is the cornerstone of our business. We become better communicators through regularly talking with each other to foster a connected environment for our team now working from home. We still have a daily call every morning from 8:45 to 9 a.m. to gauge how everyone is doing and ensure we have the tools we need. We also do a weekly team meeting for continued professional development. We still plan to hold our monthly meetings to reinforce our Rockstar status and keep us excited about the work we’re doing.

Client Focus

Of course, team meetings aren’t the only way we connect with others. Since the mortgage industry is 100% client-focused, we spend a significant portion of every day making calls to update clients, talk to referral partners, and connect with future clients. These future clients, generally the friends and families of our current clients, come to us a result of asking for referrals and our provision of quality service that makes everyone comfortable and happy to recommend us. We are grateful that this is something we can still do as we all adjust to working from home.

Community Involvement and Personal Development

We have always been engaged with the community, and that hasn’t changed either. We are still doing what we can with Homeward Bound of WNC and The REACH Fund. We also work with OnTrack Financial. Many meetings and networking events that help us with personal and professional development have transitioned to virtual spaces. Networking one-on-one with clients and referral partners in person has been put on hold, but we are set up for video chats and other forms of virtual communication.

Managing the Right Balance

We also very much believe that our work and our personal lives are interconnected. We encourage everyone on our team to have a well-balanced experience outside of work. We know that our team, as well as our clients, are dealing with a new working situation across the board. Parents and kids are all home and learning to work side- by- side during the day. We all cherish what’s most important and that means family time. We encourage breaks for everyone to balance the unique situation we all find ourselves in today.

Going Outside

Of course, there’s a reason we’ve all chosen Asheville for our homes and the place where we work. We know that we have to maintain a safe distance from anyone outside of our household, but we can still go out and enjoy the spring. Taking regular walks or playing outdoors with our families gives us a connection to our community, even if we can’t spend time with our friends and neighbors.  

Do you have any questions about how we’re working remotely? Feel free to ask in the comments or send us a message.

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