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Steps for Homeowners During the COVID-19 Crisis

Written by Zachery Adam

April 2, 2020

The Next Steps for Homeowners During the COVID-19 Crisis

The Next Steps for Homeowners During the COVID-19 Crisis

At GoPrime Mortgage, we’re dedicated to helping our community through the Asheville area’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order. We want all of the homeowners we’ve worked with over the years to have a better understanding of their next steps if they have questions or concerns about their mortgages.

We know that so many people in Asheville and surrounding areas are struggling in the wake of this health crisis. Any business not deemed essential has closed their doors and far too many people are finding themselves out of work. It hits close to home, but it’s also a situation happening all across the country.

If you’re uncertain about your future, your job, or your mortgage, here are the next steps we recommend.

How the Independent Mortgage Process Works

Zack’s entire focus at GoPrime is to assist homebuyers with the mortgage process to allow them to buy their dream home in the Asheville area. But what happens to that mortgage after you’ve closed? In the mortgage industry, independent mortgage agents don’t keep your home loan, they sell it to another entity, usually a bank.

This is standard practice for mortgages. It means if there are any issues with your mortgage after Zack closes on it, he is no longer the go-to resource for information on your loan. So, what happens next?

Who Do You Call?

Your next move is to reach out to the entity that owns your mortgage. To find out more, take a look at your statement. You’ll see which bank you’re sending your payments to each month. There will be a customer service number available to call.

You may also want to do some additional research. Many banks right now understand the position homeowners are in due to the COVID-19 crisis. Visit their website first to see if there is information specifically about unemployment, layoffs, and other impacts of sheltering in place across the country.

Call Right Away

We cannot stress this enough. Don’t wait to call the bank. Do it now. Even if you are currently working. Even if you’re in an essential service. You simply can’t predict what could happen next. That’s why calling now is essential to ensure you understand the next steps.

The Emotional Toll of COVID-19

One thing we do understand is that self-care is critical at this time. Zack and our team are not immune to the stress and anxiety we’re all experiencing during this global pandemic. GoPrime of West Asheville is still working remotely, but we’ve all been thrown into this crisis without a flotation device just like you.  

Zack’s not just running his business from home. He’s also the single dad to three children suddenly thrust into a remote learning situation. The emotional burden of seeing so many friends and neighbors struggling in the Asheville community weighs heavy on his heart.

If you find yourself in this position, take a look at your statement and contact the bank directly. And don’t wait, do it now.

Please stay safe and love one another. 

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