Walk Right In ~ Synergy in West Asheville

Synergy, according to Merriam-Webster: “The increased effectiveness that results when two or more people or businesses work together.” Synergy, according to West Asheville: Prime Mortgage Lending’s office space at 862 Haywood Road.

Few business models in Asheville, Western North Carolina, or even nationwide meet the criteria of synergy more effectively. With co-tenants Carolina Green Realty and Best Credit RX, Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville has created a niche location for homebuyers of every walk of life. They can get all the assistance they need in one place. The open house event on May 10, 2016, offered all the proof you might need.

Upscale, Lowbrow and Everyone in Between

More than 100 people joined Prime Mortgage’s Zack Adam and his officemates for the grand opening of what they hope will become the premiere choice for homebuyers looking for a team that cares about families and the community.

“I wanted to invest in my own community and work with green developers and green Realtors,” says Zack, who — with his wife Mahabisa and three children — lives less than a mile from the new office. “And we believe West Asheville is a green community that embraces our values.”

Even with Realtors and a credit repair team in the house, Zack says, the companies are not exclusive to each other, but work with outside partners regularly. Indeed, they prefer a supportive approach that furthers the intentions of like-minded business people.

“Buying a house is an incredibly intimate experience,” says Nick Hinton, a broker with Carolina Green Realty. “We want to be associated with other home-buying professionals who care about their clients the same way that we do.”

Mark Silver, COO of Best Credit Rx, agrees. “My whole reason for being here is to help people. And I only work with people who feel the same way.”

New Beginnings

Zack began helping people get affordable mortgages shortly after landing in the North Carolina mountains from California. While he continues to serve the greater Bay Area, Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz County, he put down roots in his new home. And those roots extend to a new office space.

Initially, Zack investigated the new office development on Haywood Road, but the contractors couldn’t deliver within his timeframe. As his business grew, it was becoming imperative to open a brick and mortar storefront. “When this old house went up for sale, we jumped on it,” says Mahabisa. “It was a fun project.”

The house made a successful transition from residential to commercial, a trend that’s being repeated up and down the Haywood Road corridor. Zack and company did little more than open up some rooms, close off others and add a new coat of paint. “These are the original wood floors,” says Zack’s marketing pro Teona Rodriguez with DPEG Marketing, who helped with the minimalist, natural decor.

Professional Comfort

The house is comfortably homey with an air of professionalism that should appeal to every demographic of the population. Visitors to the open house ranged from young first-time homebuyers with children in tow to established Realtors and Chamber of Commerce business people. A local acoustic duet, The Resonant Rogues, entertained the boisterous crowd.

On-street parking puts you right at the front door of Prime Mortgage Lending’s new prime location, although additional parking around back provides convenience at any time of day. To take a tour, meet with Zack or any of the other businesses, call 828.348.1907 or stop by 862 Haywood Road. Zack and his team look forward to meeting their neighbors and showing off their city to newcomers.

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