Zen Master of Mortgages

You may think “Zen” and “mortgage” are two ideas that don’t go together. After all, Zen is about peace, tranquility and simplicity — breaking down the complex into its bare essentials. Meanwhile, mortgages are, well, complex, difficult and time-consuming. How can you even put them into the same sentence?

It starts with Zachery “Zack” Adam of Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville. Zack is the Zen Master of Mortgages. An independent mortgage lender, Zack isn’t beholden to any bank — Prime Mortgage Lending has its own funding sources. That means Zack can offer mortgage deals banks can’t.

The Zen of Mortgages

Getting a mortgage loan should be simple. Stripped down to its bare essentials, a mortgage is a loan that lets you buy a house. Whoever gives you the loan, such as an independent mortgage lender, wants to know that you’ll repay it. So getting a mortgage, ultimately, is simply assuring a lender that you’re a good risk. That’s the Zen of mortgages.

Today, there are many regulations surrounding mortgages. That’s a good thing. The laws protect you from fraud and unscrupulous lenders. And an independent mortgage lender has to follow the same regulations that big banks do. The difference is in the details.

The Zen of Independent Mortgage Lenders

Independents like Prime Mortgage Lending go through the same process as banks, but that’s often where the similarities end. Independent mortgage lenders offer a greater range of mortgage products, so they can find the right mortgage for nearly every situation. More choices actually make it easier for you because, with guidance, you can get the best possible home loan in this, the best of all possible worlds.

More importantly, an independent mortgage lender can work with clients who have less than ideal credit scores or more complex financial situations. In the world of Zen, there are no cookie-cutter solutions because there are no cookie-cutter people. Everyone’s situation is different and needs to be treated with care and respect. This care and respect come across in everything a Zen master does.

The Zen of Customer Service

Think of a Zen garden: raked sand in concentric circles, like the ripples in a pond from a tossed pebble. That’s how the Zen Master of Mortgages communicates. You receive regular updates as you make your way through the process. All communication is clear and transparent. You’re never left wondering what’s happening or what will happen next; you’re rarely surprised with bad news; and you always understand the process, every step of the way.

Customer service is intertwined with the mortgage process when you deal with an independent mortgage lender. Regardless of your financial situation, you’re going to have work to do to gather your financial records that prove you’re a reliable person. So your lender should make the rest of the process as easy for you as possible. Anything less is so very un-Zen-like.

The Zen of Beginning

Starting anything new is difficult. You have to overcome inertia to take that first step. But the rewards are great: a new house, your own place.

No matter what your situation, contact Zack, the Zen Master of Mortgages. He’ll explain the process to you in plain language and help you get pre-approved for a loan. Getting a mortgage should be simple, and it is, with Zack on your team.

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