5 Facts You Should Know About Living in the Appalachian Mountains

The southern Appalachian Mountains are part of one of the oldest mountain formations in the world. In fact, they are part of the same geological formation that also make up the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland and some of the Scottish Highlands. Living in the mountains of Western North Carolina is a unique experience and it attracts people from all over the country, and the world, to the small towns in the area. Here are 5 realities about living in the mountains and what you should know before buying a home here.

You’ll be Surrounded by Nature

Don’t believe us? Nature is everywhere in Western North Carolina. In the Appalachian Mountains you have the Blue Ridge Mountains, the land of waterfalls near Brevard, miles of hiking trails, wildlife, the French Broad River, and so much more.

In WNC you can hike portions of the Appalachian Trail, camp out under the stars, and see the highest peak east of the Mississippi (Mt. Mitchell). You can also experience nature at close range by visiting the WNC Nature Center, the Arboretum, the UNCA Botanical Gardens, and more.

You’ll Discover Tight Knit Communities

Wander through the neighborhoods around the Asheville area and you’ll see people out and about, together, enjoying their communities. There are so many neighborhoods around the small town: Downtown, Grove Park-Sunset, Five Points, West Asheville, Haw Creek, Kennilworth, Eagle Street, Historic Montford, and more. Each area having its unique stamp on the Asheville community.

Choosing to live in the area also means choosing which neighborhood is right for you.

You’ll Experience a Slower Pace of Life

Not having a lot of corporate business is often considered a downside to the Asheville area. Let’s face it, cost of living is high compared to the low salaries and few employment industries in the region. But that does mean it has a slower pace of life than many other communities.

Asheville is a good place to live if you can bring your own job or are flexible about employment options. You won’t find an influx of business people at the bars after work hours, because Asheville has the luxury of hitting the breweries at 2pm if it wants to. The area attracts those who have retired or artists looking to immerse themselves in their work.

You’ll Enjoy all Four Seasons

Sure, seasons are a part of the natural beauty of the region, but Asheville might have the most perfect balance. The summers are hot, but not brutal like they are just a few hours south in Atlanta. In the Appalachian Mountains the winter can be cold, but snow comes and goes, unlike the North East. And Spring and Fall are where the area shines.

Both seasons are blanketed in colors and the mornings and evenings are crisp so you can wrap yourself in the comfort of a knit sweater. Anyone in love with the Southern Appalachians will tell you these are amazing days.

You’ll be Immersed in the Artistic Culture

Asheville and the surrounding areas also have a reputation for being part of the greater artistic community. You’ll find galleries for fine art, pop art, pottery, photographs, crafts, and more. There is also some amazing music coming out of the Asheville area, including a robust busking scene. And don’t forget the writers like Thomas Wolf and O. Henry who called Asheville home.

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