Preparing Your House for Winter

Written by Zachery Adam

September 30, 2019

Fall is the most magical time in Asheville, so it may feel like cold winter weather is a long time off. Even though we might get a few random snowfalls throughout the seasonwe don’t have to deal with the constant battering of winter storms that northern states live with every year. That doesn’t mean Asheville homes shouldn’t prepare for the winter. We don’t need to collect tons of firewood or store food like our Appalachian ancestors, but we can keep our house safe and warm in the winter. Here’s a winter prep checklist to get you started.  

Inspect Your Furnace 

To ensure that your house will be in top condition when winter hits, be sure to get your furnace inspected early. This will prevent major problems from happening after temperatures drop. Experts suggest an annual inspection.  

An annual inspection won’t just catch repairable problems, it can help in a number of other ways. It prolongs the life of your furnace, saves energy, and maintains healthy air quality.  

Review Your Insulation 

Unless you’ve had a problem in the past, you’ve probably never thought about reviewing your insulation. If you haven’t before, now is a great time to take another look. Do you have a high enough R-value to efficiently heat your home this winter?  

Not all insulation is created equal. Some materials insulate better and others are more environmentally friendly. Some are actually both, so take a look at what you are using and make some decisions if you want to improve your energy use.  

Check for Drafts 

The insulation isn’t the only way cold air gets into your home. There are plenty of opportunities for drafts. The most common areas that experience drafts are windows and doors. There are easy fixes for these.  

You can replace old windows and doors with more energy efficient models. But if you can’t do that right now, consider adding a draft barrier to help cut down on cold air entering your home.  

Evaluate Your Windows 

This is now a good time to look at the windows you have and make a decision about upgrading them. Many of the older homes in the Asheville area still have the original windows, which can be very drafty.  

New windows on the market are designed to retain heat and even help cool your home in the summertime. Look for double pane windows that will help make your home more energy efficient.  

Winterize Your Home 

There are several smaller changes you can make at home to winterize and keep the warm air in when the temperatures start to drop outside. Things as simple as adding heavy drapes and rugs can help keep you cozier inside.  

You may also want to disconnect any outdoor hoses to prevent freezing. Get your gutters cleaned before freezing water causes damage or drainage issues.  

GoPrime of West Asheville has worked with multiple contractors in the area and can help you find the right professional to help you winterize your home this year. Call us today 


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