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Are Tiny Homes a Thing in Asheville?

Green Housing In Asheville: Can You Live in a Tiny Home?

You’ve seen the shows on HGTV and DIY Network. You’ve seen families of five downsize their lives to under 300 square feet. You’ve wondered if this green housing trend is something you can do right here in Western North Carolina. So do you want to know if Tiny Houses are a thing in Asheville? And can Prime Mortgage Lending help you out in your process?

This tiny trend is huge throughout the U.S., so it’s no wonder that Asheville residents are interested in learning more about it. In fact, with the counter-culture vibe that has been a part of the WNC area for a long time, a way of living that reduces carbon footprint and reduces expenses is very attractive. And while Asheville is facing an affordable housing crisis, going smaller could be a potential solution.

The short answer to the question is yes, tiny houses are a thing in Asheville. But the methods of going tiny may not be the iconic tiny house on wheels that has come to define this popular movement.

Tiny Homes on Wheels are Not Legal in Buncombe County

Well, not legal is a harsh term, but they aren’t considered habitable dwellings. Within the city limits, there is no zoning that permits living in an RV, which is the legal classification that currently encompasses tiny homes on wheels.*

You can potentially live in a camp ground, RV park, or on land in the county that is zoned to allow for RVs, but those are subject to time limits. Typically, you can live in an RV for 180 days and the rest of the time it needs to be stored, which means not hooked up to electricity or city services.

Tiny Homes on Foundations are Legal and Encouraged

But where you can consider going smaller in Asheville is with a tiny home on a foundation. And this is where a home loan may help you.

There is no minimum size requirement for a new home built in Asheville. However, the home must conform to the current North Carolina building code, which does have requirements for room sizes and uses. Even with these restrictions, you can build a rather small home in the area on property that you purchase.

Another way to consider going tiny, especially in a city with a need for rental properties, is to buy a traditionally sized home in the area and build an Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU. These small back yard cottages can be a fraction of the size of the main home and you can either rent out the main house and live small or rent out your tiny house on a foundation to someone interested in living the little life.

Helpful Links for WNC

Recently, the International Code Council approved a Tiny House Appendix to aid municipalities in the legalization of small homes. This hadn’t been adopted in North Carolina yet, but there are state-wide groups working to make this happen. Read the appendix here.

To learn more about ADUs in Asheville, check out the current ordinance here.

A local company here that is receiving some West Asheville press is Wishbone Tiny Homes. The company, owned by Asheville native Teal Brown, started out building tiny homes on wheels but has transitioned to a go-to company for ADUs and small homes on foundations in the city.

Zachery Adam and Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville is here to help you find the right solution for a new home here in Asheville and throughout Western North Carolina.

*Disclaimer: As with any legal issue, consult an attorney to ensure you’re compliant with local law and regulations.


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