Current Real Estate Trends: Sell a Lifestyle

How Do You Sell A Lifestyle in Asheville? We’ve all read them. They’re incomplete online MLS descriptions that read like 1980s resumes. “4 bedroom, 2 bath, new appliances, views.” When the MLS was created, it was meant to be shared between agents, and it wasn’t until buyers and sellers began accessing the same information that real estate professionals began to realize how the language should be shifted to sell a lifestyle. Every home has some combination of bedrooms and bathrooms, but what buyers want to know is how does this home stand out from the crowd? What makes this the home they should buy as opposed to another one? Today, the trend for online listings is to sell the lifestyle, but what does that mean? Let’s take a closer look.

Selling the Location

The real estate mantra has always been “Location, location, location.” The idea may be even more true today. People are flocking to areas like the mountains of Western North Carolina, but not every community is right for every person. In this day and age, the real estate agent needs to know how to sell a lifestyle.

There is a big difference between an empty nest couple who wants to live right at the center of downtown and a young family looking for good schools and an affordable mortgage. As long as the building itself meets the needs, an agent can shift their focus to what else the home has to offer. Walkable neighborhoods? Good schools? Proximity to mountains?
What are buyers looking for?

Focus on Amenities

Amenities are also important. We often think about these in terms of condos. For example, someone may not want to take care of their own pool or lawn maintenance, so they are eager to move into a community where these things are available. But single-family homes can also emphasize amenities.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are important, but what does the kitchen offer beyond appliances and countertops? How is it designed? What emotions does it evoke? What is the outdoor space like? What areas of the greater Asheville community can they access from their home?

Painting a Picture

Throughout all this, an agent needs to transition their writing skills to paint a picture for potential buyers. People want to see their own lives in this home, and they often need some help with that. This should start long before the walk through the door the first time.

So often, people focus on the changeable things they don’t like about a space. Maybe it’s the color or the furniture. But these things aren’t permanent and it’s critical that they can see their own lives in this house. Using narrative structure, you can show them how this will work for them now and in the future.

Standing Out

The biggest benefit for agents who write MLS descriptions to sell the lifestyle, not just the home, is to stand out among a sea of similarly written descriptions. The key to any sales role is to set themselves apart from their competition, and in a market where there’s an inventory shortage, it’s helpful to engage potential buyers by showing them how this home can improve their lives.

You can stand out, too, by recommending your clients work with a local lender and advocating for local services. Contact the team at GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. . in West Asheville to see how we can help throughout the home buying process and help you sell a lifestyle.

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