Every New Year brings with it a period of reflection. Whether it’s the resolution to get healthier or start a new job. Or maybe to buy a new home. For real estate agents, this means facing 2019 with a new strategy can be a great way to make new connections in the New Year. What do you need to know in the housing industry this year that will help you be the best homebuying partner for your clients? Here are a few tips to get you started.  

Don’t Abandon Lead Generation  

Everyone’s done it. When something seems like the next big thing, we will shift focus on whatever we’re currently doing and go all-in on the new thing. But lead generation isn’t an instant process. The only way to truly evaluate whether or not something is going to be successful is to give it time.  

Experts suggest at least nine months to see whether the method is working for you. It may even be worth your time to keep it going for a year. That isn’t to say you can’t add more forms in, but don’t quickly abandon the other things you’re trying.  

Develop a Business Plan 

As you continue to build your real estate business in 2019, it’s important that you take time to make a plan of action. If you do have the habit of jumping from one project to the next, you’ll find yourself constantly spinning your wheels.  

While real estate is a career intended to provide you with flexibility, it’s important to treat it just like any business. You can consult with a business coach in Asheville to ensure you’re on track for the New Year.  

Learn to Manage Rejection 

Thinking positively will also go a long way to helping you find success in Real Estate for 2019. If someone is not in need of your services at this time, that doesn’t mean they’re rejecting you personally. You will come across plenty of people who simply aren’t ready to make the change.  

Instead, focus on the positive interactions and don’t stop networking. The more people you meet, the better off you’ll be to ensure a successful year in Asheville real estate.  

Focus on Your Strengths 

Whatever you do in 2019, don’t try to be someone you’re not. Real estate isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition, so there will be a market for your specific brand of services. As soon as you try to change to reflect a different set of values than your own, you’ll begin to struggle.  

Whatever makes you a good person should be what you tap into to be a good agent. Play to your strengths, whatever those might be for you.  

Partner With a Lender 

Of course, at GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. . we believe that partnerships are the foundation upon which good transactions are built. We encourage local agents to build relationships with lenders who can help them and their clients secure the right financing to buy the Asheville home of their dreams.  

By partnering with a local lender, like us, you’ll know that we’ve made a commitment to our community and will be here to determine creative solutions to the most complex problems.  

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