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6 Tips for Using Pinterest to Inspire Your Next Home Remodel

One of the fastest growing social media platforms in the last few years has been Pinterest. This sharing page where users can “pin” favorites things can help crafters, designers, home cooks, and more find new and interesting things to add to their lives. But can Pinterest help you when you’re remodeling your home? It’s a perfect place for new ideas. Here are just a few to get your creative juices flowing.

Discover Your Design Inspiration

There are many possible choices for how to design your remodel. I, personally, like the sleek styling of Scandinavian design. Natural woods, clean lines, modern aesthetics, and more make up this European design trend.


If you search Pinterest for the design style you love, you’ll come up with hundreds of options. Go ahead and try it with other categories like Mid Century Modern or Rustic to see other potential looks for your home.



Find Fun Organizational Tips

You can also use Pinterest to determine some built-in ways to keep your newly remodeled home organized. Since you’re already building out aspects of your home, why not take advantage of your space and time.


You can find tips for adding organizational touches in every room of your home from the kitchen to the bathroom and the bedroom to the living room. There are ideas to fit every taste as well.



Transform Your Exterior

Pinterest isn’t just for interior inspiration. You can even use pins from all around the world to help you determine the best way to alter your exterior.


From small to large homes, and with ideas for every budget, Pinterest brings together ideas from designers and homeowners for you to see for yourself.



Budget Your Home Improvement Projects

The website can also help you with less tangible things. Not only can you find your design inspiration and ideas for maximizing your space, but you can also learn ways to prioritize your budget.


GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. . can also help you with our home remodel products. Talk to us today about the loans available to remodel your old home or rehab a new one.



See the Colors Your Pick in Real Life

Color is often the building block for design. For instance, if you’re looking for a Mid-Mod feel, you might choose turquoise and orange as your color scheme.


Pinterest gives you a sneak peak into what your home will look like with a variety of color schemes. You can then narrow down your ideas before you ever pick up a paintbrush.



Be Inspired by Others

Of course, a lot of Pinterest is just eye candy, but it can be eye candy with a purpose. The idea of remodeling a house can feel daunting, so knowing that others out there have been able do what you want to do can be very comforting.


Before you get started, you can see the good, the bad, and the ugly from other’s perspective. This can give you better ideas for tackling each step along the way.



Pinterest can be a great tool to help you visualize ideas for a remodel before you ever pick up a hammer. If you are looking at buying an Investment Property or need a Renovation Loan, we can help. Contact us today! Check out our Pinterest page.

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