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Being a First Time Homebuyer and owning your own home is the American dream made real.

At the same time, it can be a nerve-wracking process, depending on your goals and your resources. Many First Time Homebuyer’s don’t understand the process, don’t know what questions to ask and don’t realize how long the process can take. It can be a drag, but it doesn’t have to be.

Now is the time to seek out an ally, a straight dealing pro who will give you all the facts you need. Realtors serve as your guides, and the best ones look out for your interests in selecting your new home. But they often prefer to stay out of the picture when it comes to financing. That’s when the personal touch of an independent mortgage lender can help.

Schedule a face-to-face meeting with Zachery Adam and his Team at GoPrime Mortgage, Inc., an independent mortgage lender who works to help a First Time Homebuyer like you.

Best loan to fit your situation

If you’re shopping for a house and mortgage today, you have more choices than ever before. Independent mortgage lenders, like GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. provide a full range of loan products and competitive rates. The most effective independent mortgage lenders work with you to get the best loan to fit your situation. Learn more about your mortgage loan options; schedule a face-to-face consultation with Zachery Adam and Team with GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. today. There’s no obligation.

USDA Loans

I want to live in a rural area.

Affordable Homebuyer Programs

I am a first time home buyer. 

Investment Property Purchases

I want to but an investment property.

Second Home Purchases

I am buying a second home.

Renovation Loans

I am buying a house that needs repairs. 

VA Loans

I am actively serving in the Miltary or a Veteran.

Explore Your Options

As a first time homebuyer, you may believe that you have to get your loan through a bank or credit union. But that’s not the case. An independent mortgage lender often provides more options than a bank can. Shop around. See who gives you the best deal on a mortgage loan that’s right for your circumstances. You may be surprised.

Get Pre-Qualified

Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage loan is the best first step to take when you want to buy your first home.

Mortgage Calculator

To get a quick, down-and-dirty — and completely unofficial and nonbinding — idea of what your monthly mortgage payment would be based on the cost of a house.

16 Mortgage Tips

Get good, professional advice for what to do and what not to do when you’re seeking to buy your first home.

Mortgage Document Checklist

When applying for a mortgage loan, you may need reams of financial records. Or not. It’s different for everyone. Here is a complete list to give you an idea.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Mortgages

Everyone has questions when it comes to buying a house and applying for a mortgage loan. This page answers the most common questions people have.

Homebuyer’s Guide

Law requires that you be provided with this monstrous document when you apply for a loan. Here is a helpful summary of its contents.

Mortgage Glossary

As you explore down the rabbit hole of mortgage loans, you inevitably will find terms and acronyms that you don’t understand. Look here for help.

Mortgage Loan Products

GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. offers a wide range of mortgage loan types. To understand the differences, read this page and then talk to Zachery Adam and his Team.

Make the best decisions

Most First Time Homebuyers believe the process goes something like this:

1. Start looking online at houses to see what’s available and to research neighborhoods
2. Contact a Realtor through a friend or family member
3. Walk through a bunch of houses with the Realtor
4. Pick the house you love the best
5. Make an offer on that house
6. Apply for a mortgage loan at your bank or credit union

The best decision, however, starts with the last step. Before you even start hunting for that perfect house, get pre-qualified or even pre-approved, which do two very important things:

1. Getting pre-qualified by an independent mortgage lender speeds up the mortgage process.
2. Pre-approval lets you know exactly how much house you reasonably can afford.

Once you’re pre-qualified, you’ll have a better idea which houses fit your budget. You’ll be better able to direct your real estate agent to those houses that fit your criteria. As a first time homebuyer you will have a more realistic vision of your immediate future.

There’s no cost and no obligation, and Zachery loves meeting first time home buyers face to face.

You can call Zachery Adam at GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. at 828-242-4780 or contact him online to talk about which mortgage loan is best for you.

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Zachery Adam

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Daniel Priest

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