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With Western North Carolina (and more specifically, Asheville) regularly making the news as a Top 10 destination (for happiness, desirability, or even “coolness”), more and more people are coming here to check it out as a possible place to move to. And that’s good advice. If you’ve considered moving to Western North Carolina, come visit first.

Pick a region or a city. Drive around. Ask questions. Visit the businesses. Check out the neighborhoods, stores, restaurants, music venues… whatever you look for in a place to live. Regardless of what others say about the area, you must visit in person before moving to Western North Carolina.

A Retirement Haven

Many retirees have chosen Western North Carolina (WNC) for their primary residence or their second home. Because the area experiences all four seasons, some retirees travel south, often to Florida, for the winter months. If you’re relocating to WNC part-time, you won’t be alone, as owning a second home in the mountains has become a popular option for many.

You can stay active in retirement here. Enjoy hiking? Bird watching? Sightseeing? Picnicking? A pretty drive? You can do them all along the Blue Ridge Parkway. From early spring to late fall, WNC is picturesque to a fault. If you want to enjoy your retirement, you have come to the right place.

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Moving to Western North Carolina

From the Outer Banks to the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina offers a wealth of different landscapes and perspectives. Research Triangle at Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill is college funky, yet it serves as an economic engine. The banking business hub of Charlotte, which is also home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, boasts major league sports and big city culture. The mountain city of Asheville has a burgeoning economy in the arts and entrepreneurship.

Finding a desirable — and suitable — house is a necessary early step to making the move to this great state. You’ll find no shortage of real estate agents in whichever city you decide to call your new home. But before you start down that path, talk to Zachery Adam and his Team at GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. Get pre-approved for a mortgage before you find the house of your dreams so you can make an offer knowing you can back it up.

For the Rest of You

Of course, if you have a family, you can’t just pick up and go. Check the local school system before relocating to NC. In addition to public schools, WNC has Montessori schools, charter schools, religious schools and excellent private schools. Rainbow Community School in West Asheville and Carolina Day School in South Asheville have received many accolades.

Mostly, the region’s economy is driven by tourism, healthcare and construction. But Asheville has been touted as one of the best places to start a small business. A thriving artists’ community has made a dent in the local economy, as well. While manufacturing isn’t dominant, it does hold its own in many surrounding communities. And Asheville can boast a strong academic environment from the local community college to the University of North Carolina Asheville. The National Climatic Data Center is spurring economic growth as tech companies discover the talent and lifestyle available in the area.

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