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“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” - Tom Fishburne

Free Marketing Options

Go Prime Mortgage Inc. offers multiple marketing options FREE for our real estate partners.

Talk to us about: 

  • Free Websites For Your Listings
  • Event Planning for Open Houses
  • Yard Signs to Spread the Word
  • Added Value as Your Mortgage Partner

Call us at 828-348-1907 or send a message online to learn more about the support we can provide to Asheville real estate agents.

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Realtors free websites

Free Website From Go Prime 

GoPrime utilizes customized CRM software to manage a variety of aspects of our business. As an added value, the system can create a home for sale website for individual MLS listings with just the touch of a button. We can pass that on to you. 

Your page will be co-branded to feature your real estate company, photo, and branding to ensure potential buyers know who is representing the listing. 

Property details will be pulled directly from your complete MLS listing so you can ensure the information is consistent across the board. 

Financial loan products are shown side-by-side, so clients see the home’s actual value and its affordability. 

The new listing page can be easily shared across social media platforms, visually appealing to generate clicks and interests. 

Showcase your amazing WNC home listings with website and social media marketing.

Find out more – 828-348-1907

Event Planning for Open Houses

Hosting an open house is a lot of work. From coordinating with the homeowner to inviting the community to walk through the doors, there are many moving parts. You may stage the home, decorate with fresh flowers, and even bake cookies or brew coffee for everyone who comes for a peek. 

But you also want to provide information to help serious homebuyers envision their lives in the home. 

Partner with Go Prime. to plan and co-host your open house so you can concentrate on home tours and property information for the visitors. 

We will provide refreshments and share hosting duties to allow you to do what you do best: Sell a Home. We will also share an introduction to the mortgage process to help potential buyers to make their dreams come true. 

Open House Realtors


Realtor partner

Yard Signs to Spread The Word

While online branding and face-to-face events can get the word out on your property, we also know that yard signs draw people in and invite them to make that call. 

We can do that for you, too. 

While yard signs are commonly used in real estate, why not take advantage of a partnership with Go Prime to create on-the-street brand recognition to encourage potential buyers to make that call.

We can help you post yard signs to spread the word about Asheville homes for sale. 

Cobranded Flyers with Rate Information 

Along with the listing site and yard signs, Go Prime can create cobranded flyers to help you spread the word about your listings. These are generated from the same information provided for the free website. We will send you the file so you can print as many as you need. 

Cobranded Milestone Emails

At each stage of the mortgage process, GoPrime sends emails to clients, letting them know they’ve just passed a significant milestone. These emails are interactive and have nearly 100% open rates. You can partner with us to cobrand the emails to include your name and real estate Logo/photo. Keep your brand at the forefront. 


“Zack has helped a number of my clients get financing for their properties, and the process goes great every time. While I provide the names of multiple lenders to my clients, Zack consistently beats the rates of his competitors and ultimate win the business of many of my clients. And while low rates are important, if a loan specialist can’t follow through and keep the closing on track, saving a quarter point is, well, pointless. I’m pleased to say that Zack Adam delivers every time! He’s on the ball, ensuring my clients get all their required documentation in quickly and on time, and he stays on top of his team to make sure our closings stay on time. Plus, he’s just a nice guy and easy to work with. I’d highly recommend Zack and his team for all your lending needs. You won’t be disappointed!”

Alyssa Augustine

Broker, Mosaic Realty

“Zack and I just finished one of the most challenging deals in my real estate career! The buyer client did not have the needed credit score, but the seller was willing to work with him. It was a very long journey, and several times I thought it was just not going to work. But Zack encouraged me to keep going, and we eventually managed to get it done! I was very impressed with Zack’s ability to keep finding ways around very insurmountable roadblocks. We’ve worked on some easy deals too, but this last one convinced me that Zack really knows his stuff. I know I can count on him in the future for other challenging deals!”

Gary Kester

Agent, Carolina Cottages

“I have had the pleasure of working a number of deals with Zachery Adam. I have come to find, in my experience as an agent, the mortgage process can be the most daunting and overwhelming for the client and present the most obstacles in the home buying process. This is where Zack really excels. From the client introduction to the closing, there is great, transparent and seamless communication between our client, Zack and myself. Zack is great at providing information and answering any questions the client may have before and during the process. If any issues arise, they are handled with a calm demeanor and a positive attitude. Anytime I get to work with Zack on a deal I feel confident that it will be a smooth deal that closes on time.”

Nick Hinton

Agent, Carolina Green Realty


lunch and learn realtors

Adding Value 

Sponsored Agent Meetings or Lunch & Learns

The team at Go Prime can offer sponsorship for real estate agent meetings with your agency. We’ll provide refreshments and organizational aspects of the meeting so you can concentrate on the important business at hand. 

We also provide educational experiences such as Lunch & Learns on topics every real estate agent needs to succeed in today’s changing market. Popular Lunch & Learn topics include social media management and marketing plans. 

Talk to us today about creating a customized Lunch & Learn for your agents. 

To Home Buying Clients

GoPrime Mortgage can also provide: 

  • Appearance and support at client closings
  • Thorough and fast prequalification for potential homebuyers
  • Partnership with OnTrack WNC for client credit Improvement

Call us at 828-348-1907 or send a message online to learn the details and find out how GoPrime Morgage can partner with you to ensure your home buying clients have all the resources they need to buy their next home.

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Zachery Adam

Zachery Adam

Branch Manager, Loan Officer

"What we do is so far more important than lending and buying houses. We are in the business of facilitating dreams and honoring the start of a new home.” 

Jordynn Webb

Jordynn Webb

Loan Officer Assistant

"My eventual goal is to become a loan officer. I love working within the community and being a part of the GoPrime Mortgage team.” 

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