This is Daniel Clancy’s Story

Growing up playing sports, I loved being part of a team. Here at Prime Mortgage Lending, it takes a strong team to do what we do, and we have the best team in the business.” Daniel Clancy

Daniel James Clancy III joined the Prime Mortgage Lending Inc. Team to provide our customers with a helpful, hands-on, and education approach to home financing. He wants to help people who are new to the experience or who might be intimidated work through the process of buying their home.

Meet Dan Clancy


Like many people in the area, Dan is a transplant in Asheville. Originally from Long Island New York, he moved to our area over 14 years ago to be closer to his family. He honestly thought it would be a temporary move, but Asheville gets under the skin and next thing he knew, he’d found home.

Because of the experience of relocating to Asheville himself, he can help new transplants navigate the process of buying their own home in our southern Appalachian city.

Before the mortgage industry, Dan’s background was primarily in customer service and hospitality. He received a degree in business administration from Pierce College in Philadelphia. He worked in convention management at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for many years before buying a bar and grill in Hendersonville, North Carolina. After selling that to his business partner, he sought out an opportunity that provided more stability and work/life integration and found his place with Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. in West Asheville


Today, Dan likes working with first time home buyers to help them through the often intimidating process of buying a home. In just the time he’s been with Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc., Dan has been able to work with a number of diverse products including USDA, FHA, and VA loans. This has given him great insight very quickly about the best ways to work with homebuyers.

He looks at matching loans to buyers like putting together a puzzle. It’s important that each person who walks through his doors is matched with the right product. When those pieces come together, everyone is satisfied.



Dan really feels like he’s found a great spot with his work at Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. Going forward he wants to focus on becoming an expert to help first time home buyers in the Asheville area. He wants to make them feel comfortable in the process and be satisfied with the outcome. He also wants to further the company’s mission of working with non-profits in the area, especially organizations that promote green living in the mountains.

Dan also has a background in the theater, and with Asheville’s community of artists, he feels he’s a great resource for the creative people looking to buy a new home here.

Doing theatre allows you to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes for a brief time. It can help you gain perspective and build empathy toward people with struggles different than your own.” Daniel Clancy

Acting, Travel, and Family

While not working, Dan enjoys the theater scene in Asheville and beyond. He’s performed in theater productions in the city as well as traveling as far as Atlanta for film and television roles. Dan and his wife recently welcomed their first child, a girl, and are now experiencing all the firsts in her life.

He also enjoys playing golf and traveling. While a lot of traveling happened before his daughter was born, he is looking forward to sharing that experience with her as she grows. And, of course, there are always new things to see and do right in Asheville, like the amazing restaurants that are opening nearly every day.

Starting a family later in life has helped me appreciate my unique journey and realize just how lucky and blessed I really am.” Daniel Clancy

It’s all about establishing and maintaining professional relationships in every community we serve.

Markets may change, but opportunities always will appear. When they do, Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc will be there to help.

That is our Why.

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