California Homebuyer’s, you can trust Prime Mortgage Lending and Equity Services, Inc. for your California mortgage.

You get the power of Prime Mortgage Lending and Equity Services, Inc. resources for your mortgage in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley or Santa Cruz County when you choose Zachery “Zack” Adam to handle your mortgage application. Plus, you get all of Zack’s attention, expertise and desire to help you get the best deal.

While Zack left California for the mountains of North Carolina, he’s still licensed to handle mortgage loans in California. He still maintains his professional connections there. In this day and age, your mortgage lender doesn’t have to sit across the table from you; he can sit at a table across the country. He’ll still manage your mortgage application with all the care and attention to detail he brings to the table, wherever it happens to be.

Prime Mortgage Lending and Equity Services, Inc. Is Nationwide

California homebuyer’s may want to choose a local lender, but most big banks are national or even multi-national companies. Similarly, Prime Mortgage Lending and Equity Services, Inc. operates in over 15 states across the country, including California. That makes Prime Mortgage Lending and Equity Services, Inc. more stable, while allowing it to share its resources with the loan officers and branch managers like Zachery Adam around the country.

From underwriters to analysts, Zachery is far from a lone individual in the mortgage industry. In fact, he couldn’t do it all by himself. He has the power of Prime Mortgage Lending and Equity Services, Inc. backing him up 100 percent. And his experience in the California mortgage industry (both at a big bank and as a Prime Mortgage Lending and Equity Services, Inc. loan officer) will help California homebuyer’s get the mortgages they need.

So when you start shopping for a California mortgage, talk to Zachery Adam. Discover all your options and then decide for yourself where to get the best deal for a home mortgage.

“I have had the pleasure of Zachery’s expertise on two loans. A full purchase and later a refinance. During both transactions Zachery not only provided excellent transparency of all the moving parts involved but also came to the table with multiple financial options that were relevant and reasoned against my personal financial aims which he inquired about from the beginning. Zachery’s promptness, attention to detail and willingness to work aggressively behind the scenes to keep everyone involved focused on accurate paperwork, timely follow up and effort resulted in both transactions closing early and no surprises. He has a very calm, friendly, confident demeanor which makes it very easy to work with him. I hold him in very high regard and would unconditionally recommend him for any mortgage needs one might have.”

Temecula, CA

“Zachery Adam was extremely positive, helpful and thorough. Throughout the entire mortgage obtaining process, Zack was patient, and careful to explain the process. The continuous paperwork was extensive. The mortgage obtaining process has become a synthesis of your lifetime paperwork. However, under Zack’s watchful eye and continuous reassurance you do reach the and and get the results. There were some changes along the way about rates and terms. I would highly recommend Zack. He is honest with his information and careful to explain each requirement and change of terms so that you really understand the situation. Do yourself a favor and start with the best , which I consider Zack to be. We have applied for other mortgages with other companies as we have bought properties. He is a present trust and move forward with in your search.”

Asheville, NC

Zack Is Available to California Homebuyer’s

Despite the time difference, Zack makes himself available for his California homebuyer’s. California mortgage applications are given top priority. He acts as a communication link as he guides the application toward a decision. And Zack keeps the process simple and as transparent as possible.

Since he can’t be at your side, Zachery maintains a communication link through the telephone and email. In addition, he uses a secure online application process and portal for document exchanges. He keeps you in the loop regarding updates on your application. That’s one of the advantages of working with Zachery Adam. He won’t let you down or keep you waiting.

“My business ethics include education, transparency and integrity.”

Zack Adam

California homebuyer's

California homebuyer’s are urged to call Zack at 828.348.1907 to discuss what your mortgage loan options are.


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