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Aging in Place

in Asheville

With a large and still growing baby boomer population, The Asheville community has always made an effort to provide options for older adults who want to age in place instead of traditional nursing homes.  

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What is Aging in Place? 

Aging in Place is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an option for older adults to age in their own homes rather than in an assisted living or a nursing home facility. The Aging in Place community is committed to offering resources to enhance and facilitate the lifestyle outside of a medical environment. 

aging in place

Adaptations to an Existing Home

For comfortable aging in place, consider these renovations to an existing home. 

  • Improved lighting
  • Accessible toilet
  • Walk-in shower
  • Slide-out cabinets
  • Different counter heights
  • Single story living

Buy a Home for Aging in Place

Maybe you live in another city or state and are looking for a slower pace of life in the Asheville community. Or perhaps your current Asheville home elements like staircases that will become more difficult as you age. 

Call Zachery Adam at Go Prime 828-348-1907, to learn how we can help you buy a new, accessible home in Asheville, NC. 

Long Term Planning

Here are a few things to consider that will help you with aging in place in Asheville and in comfort. 

  • Your family’s role. 
  • Medical care requirements. 
  • Legal requirements.
  • Long-term care plan. 
  • Home renovations are necessary.
  • Budget for buying or modifying a home. 

To learn more about a mortgage or renovation loan that can help you with aging in place in Asheville or in WNC, contact Zachery Adam and the team at Go Prime. 

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Offering a Full Range of Products

As an independent mortgage lender, GoPrime Mortgag, Inc. Inc offers loans to purchase or refinance a home. We also have loan products to assist with debt consolidation and home improvement loans, all customized for exactly what you need. You can expect a full range of mortgage loan products.

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Finding the Right Loan with the Best Rate

GoPrime Mortgage, Inc., serving North Carolina homebuyers, is committed to you, not to shareholders or bank presidents. The company representatives work with you to find the loan that’s best suited to you, with the best rate, terms, and costs to meet your needs. Because of the transparent, upfront method GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. uses, you will know very quickly if you are a good fit for GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. services. 

An independent mortgage lender like Zachery Adam does all the mortgage legwork, finding and comparing loans to find the one best suited for you. Since the company has its own network, it can offer a more comprehensive array of mortgage loan packages than a bank generally does. The goal of every GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. transaction is to close on time, every time.

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Use this website to find the answers you’re looking for, whether about home-buying or the mortgage loan industry in general. Call 828.348.1907 to speak to a GoPrime Mortgage, Inc Independent Lender to talk to a live person. There is no obligation, and they will do their best to answer your questions.

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