4 Things You Should Know about an Independent Mortgage Lender

Written by Zachery Adam

September 4, 2019

Even if this is your first time buying a home, you’ve probably heard a lot about the process from friends and family with homebuying experience. Many will talk about getting a loan though a bank, but that isn’t your only option. Working with an independent mortgage lender can give you alternative avenues for buying your dream home here in Asheville. Here are four things you should know before working with an independent Mortgage Lender like GoPrime in West Asheville.  

What is an Independent Mortgage Lender? 

An independent mortgage lender, like GoPrime, is a full-service lender with experience and talent to work with each individual customer to find them the best deal on mortgage products. They don’t rely on banks to get loans approved. Everything is done in-house, including the underwriting process. Independent lenders often have smallcompany operations so they can act quickly, handle a variety of different products, and close on time.  

From start to finish, your lender will have control over the entire mortgage process. They can keep you informed at every stage. And because they work independently, they are better equipped to find you the exact mortgage at the most competitive rates to buy your dream home in Asheville.  

What Makes Them Different from a Bank?  

We’re not saying banks are bad. In some cases, they are the right institution. But there are a lot of disadvantages if you choose to work with a bank instead. First of all, banks are big businesses that handle a lot of different financial transactions, and mortgages are only a fraction of that. Their service won’t be personalized like it will be through an independent mortgage lender.  

You also have to consider how conservative banks tend to be. Their programs are also conservative, which means they won’t have a lot of flexibly if you have a more unusual situation. You may also have higher fees and a lot more paperwork to contend with.  

When is an Independent Mortgage Lender Right for You?  

An independent mortgage lender, like Zachery Adam at GoPrime, will help you by shopping rates and negotiating terms that will be customized for you and your specific financial needs. They can be creative to help you get into the house you want when you want to.  

They will also manage the entire process and help you compare products to get the best one for you. They have a commitment to education so you’re not in the dark about any of your financial decisions.  

How Do You Choose an Independent Mortgage Lender?  

The best way for you to feel confident about any service is to ask friends and family for a recommendation. Who did they use and what was their experience? You want firsthand referrals. Talk to others in the real estate industry to find out who they work with as well. You’ll learn a lot from just word of mouth. Also, be sure to check out our hundreds of 5-star reviews online  

But it’s also important to compare and decide for yourself. Learn about communication style, find out what they offer, and verify their credentials. This is an important decision, so it’s not one that you should be making lightly.  

Contact Zachery Adam and GoPrime in West Asheville today to learn more.  


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