Realtors, your life is about to get easier.

10 Advantages of Partnering with us:

  1. Email Communication at each stage of the process
  2. Experienced Loan Specialists
  3. Loan Processors In-House
  4. Underwrite Loans In-House
  5. Mobile App for Real Time Updates
  6. WNC Local Office
  7. Extensive List of Loan Products
  8. Independent Mortgage Lender
  9. Credit Only Approvals
  10. Close on Time ~ Every Time

Realtors need a dependable financial partner

Realtors need a dependable financial partner to ensure that every closing goes smoothly. Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. matches your clients to the most compatible mortgage loan product with the best rates and terms, according to their situations. 

Since Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. offers so many products, your clients have a better chance of being approved for a loan.

Many real estate agents already recommend their clients to Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. instead of to a bank. Those real estate professionals know that Zachery Adam and his Team offers Realtor services that banks can’t.

If you don’t already have a relationship with Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. find out what you’re missing. Find out why we should be your clients’ first stop in the home-hunting process. Call 828-348-1907 to get the facts.

Building Relationships Based on Trust

Our motto — and primary goal — is to “Close on time, every time.”


Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc.’s loan officers provide Realtor services that they appreciate. They do all the legwork for you to get your clients pre-qualified or pre-approved to avoid surprises at the closing.

The right loan

They follow through with all the behind-the-scenes work to line up an appropriate loan. From your clients’ perspective, everything happens seamlessly, which makes you look good and worthy of their loyalty. Build a relationship with Zachery Adam of Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc.. He has made it his mission to help people — like your clients — buy a home.

Earn your trust

Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. makes it easy on you and easy for your clients. Schedule a face-to-face meeting between Zachery and your clients, or come in to introduce yourself. Learn what makes Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. and Realtors best friends.

Get Your Clients Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved involves a thorough process — it’s essentially the same as applying for the mortgageBeing pre-qualified is a simpler process that relies solely on your clients providing the financial information themselves. 

Being pre-qualified is not the same as being pre-approved. If your clients brag about being pre-qualified, explain to them why they still need to be pre-approved. Being pre-qualified is like going to an expensive restaurant and when the check comes, presenting an application for a credit card. Just because it says you’re pre-approved for a card doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get it. The restaurant won’t accept a credit card application. And you shouldn’t accept clients who are only pre-qualified. At Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. the mortgage loan officer always request all the necessary documents to run a credit check for both pre-qualifications and pre-approvals. The goal is to eliminate unpleasant surprises later in the process. So while it’s smarter for your clients to be pre-approved, you’ll have less to worry about even if they are pre-qualified at Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc.. The best time to get your clients pre-qualified or pre-approved is before they look at their first house. These initial steps can determine how much credit a lender is willing to let them borrow. These procedures are the most requested Realtor services that we offer.

Customer Service Equals Good Communication

Realtors, unfortunately, have become accustomed to having to call or email to ask for updates on a loan in process. With Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. you’ll never have to do that.

Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. Loan Officers communicate with you often, giving you the updates as they happen. Just as the only good settlement is a closed settlement, the only good surprise is a pleasant surprise. Let Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. provide only pleasant surprises. While pre-approval speeds up the loan process, your mortgage loan officer keeps you in the loop every step of the way. So you can stay informed. So you can keep your anxious client up-to-date. So you can relax a bit more. We provide Realtor services to help you keep happy, satisfied clients, and happy, satisfied clients give more referrals. Talk to Zachery and his Teamto learn the benefits of making Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. your preferred vendor.    

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“Zack has helped a number of my clients get financing for their properties, and the process goes great every time. While I provide the names of multiple lenders to my clients, Zack consistently beats the rates of his competitors and ultimate win the business of many of my clients. And while low rates are important, if a loan specialist can’t follow through and keep the closing on track, saving a quarter point is, well, pointless. I’m pleased to say that Zack Adam delivers every time! He’s on the ball, ensuring my clients get all their required documentation in quickly and on time, and he stays on top of his team to make sure our closings stay on time. Plus, he’s just a nice guy and easy to work with. I’d highly recommend Zack and his team for all your lending needs. You won’t be disappointed!”

Alyssa Augustine

Broker, Mosaic Realty

“Zack and I just finished one of the most challenging deals in my real estate career! The buyer client did not have the needed credit score, but the seller was willing to work with him. It was a very long journey, and several times I thought it was just not going to work. But Zack encouraged me to keep going, and we eventually managed to get it done! I was very impressed with Zack’s ability to keep finding ways around very insurmountable roadblocks. We’ve worked on some easy deals too, but this last one convinced me that Zack really knows his stuff. I know I can count on him in the future for other challenging deals!”

Gary Kester

Agent, Carolina Cottages

“I have had the pleasure of working a number of deals with Zachery Adam from Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville. I have come to find, in my experience as an agent, the mortgage process can be the most daunting and overwhelming for the client and present the most obstacles in the home buying process. This is where Zack really excels. From the client introduction to the closing, there is great, transparent and seamless communication between our client, Zack and myself. Zack is great at providing information and answering any questions the client may have before and during the process. If any issues arise, they are handled with a calm demeanor and a positive attitude. Anytime I get to work with Zack on a deal I feel confident that it will be a smooth deal that closes on time.”

Nick Hinton

Agent, Carolina Green Realty

About Us

How we can help you

Although labeled an independent mortgage lender, Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. is not a one-man operation. Zachery Adam and his Team has the support of a streamlined operation, with professionals who assist in every phase of the loan process. His team includes an appraisal vendor, loan processors, underwriters, closers and even the CEO or president if needed. When you choose to work with Zachery, you get the support of his team as well.

Zachery Adam

It’s important to Zack that he and his team are approachable and can provide assistance to home buyers who are often inundated with misinformation about the financial picture and mortgage options. In an automated culture reliant on digital communication, it’s time to put the human element back into these conversations. He could never be behind the scenes.

Daniel Clancy

Today, Dan likes working with first time home buyers to help them through the often intimidating process of buying a home. In just the time he’s been with Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc., Dan has been able to work with a number of diverse products including USDA, FHA, and VA loans. This has given him great insight very quickly about the best ways to work with homebuyers.

Let's Talk

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When you apply securely online with Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc, we will contact you within 24 hours or less.

We want to be more than your mortgage lender.

The company, like Branch Manager Zachery Adam, wants to become the go-to destination for people who have questions about real estate financing and the mortgage application process. Applying for a mortgage can be a frightening process at a bank. Prime Mortage Lending, Inc. aims to keep the process simple.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide holistic mortgage planning for every customer
  • Offer simple, strategic solutions for all homebuyers
  • Supply reliable services for real estate investors
  • Educate the public on the mortgage process
  • Keep the mortgage process simple for all customers
  • Inform real estate agents of the latest mortgage news

In short, Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc will provide complete, inclusive mortgage solutions that are educational, transparent, honest and sincere. No other bank or independent mortgage lender can beat the service and prices — the complete package — that Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. offers.


Enjoy a mortgage process built for the modern world.

Borrowers can easily complete a loan application, upload supporting documentation, eSign disclosures, and monitor the status of their loan — in a single, easy-to-use location.


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